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How to copy Zone.Identifier information for malware protection

There is always a possibility that files you downloaded from the Internet may contain corrupted data or malware. Because of this, Internet browsers store information in NTFS ADS (Alternate Data Stream) area about where you downloaded the files. The information is called “Zone.Identifier” and used by security programs.

You may download Bandizip Portable and type “more < BANDIZIP-PORTABLE-GL-64BIT.ZIP:Zone.Identifier” in Command Prompt. Adding the string “:Zone.Identifier” after the filename, you may find information about where you downloaded the file as below.

“Copy Zone.Identifier information of an archive downloaded from the Internet during extraction” feature copies the same information to extracted files. When you attempt to execute one of the files, if the file is suspected malware, the OS displays a warning.

Ignore the warning and run the file anyway

If a warning message is displayed, it’s quite advisable for you NOT to run the file. But if you want to run the suspected file at your own risk, click “More info” on the warning message and you may run the file anyway.