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How to troubleshoot when I can’t open an archive in a network mapped drive

Occasionally, you may find that you can’t open an archive in your network mapped drive with the error message “Invalid parameter.” as below.

This error occurs when you run Bandizip as an administrator and the File Explorer in standard user mode cannot access your network drive.


Open an archive in a local drive (not in a network drive) with Bandizip. If “Administrator” text is displayed on the Bandizip’s title bar, it means Bandizip is running in an administrator mode.


  1. Open C:\Program Files\Bandizip.
  2. Right-click Bandizip.exe and click Properties.
  3. On Compatibility tab, toggle off “Run this program as an administrator.”

If the error persists

  • If Bandizip is still running in an administrator mode due to other causes, remove the causes and run Bandizip as a standard user.
  • If the File Explorer is running in an administrator mode and Bandizip is in a standard user mode, the same error occurs by the same principle. Run the File Explorer as a standard user.