Honeycam - The Best GIF/WebP Maker

Honeycam is a High-quality GIF/WebP maker and editor. Make your animation files from gameplay screens or YouTube videos.

How to use

Position the app around the region you want to record. Click record, stop when finished, then save.

So, here is the result.

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Main Features

Super-simple creation

Create an animated GIF/WebP file with just a few clicks.

High-quality quantization

GIF format supports only 256 colors, but you can create an animated file of high-quality with quantization.

Support for multiple formats

Many image formats and video formats( ASF, AVI, MP4, WMV, WebM) can be used as input formats.
As for output format, GIF, APNG, WebP, and video formats, MP4 and WebM. (However, sound cannot be saved.)

Easy and quick editing

Honeycam provides many ways to crop and resize an image. You can also reduce the number of frames or set the frame playtime.

A variety of filter effects

Lots of video filters from basic color correction to various filter effects: blur, mosaic, bloom, vignette, color curve, chromakey, etc.

Insert texts, chat bubbles, and stickers

Add texts, chat bubbles, and stickers to your animated file so easily and quickly.

Animate texts, chat bubbles, and stickers

Add animations of texts, chat bubbles, and stickers into your file.

Photo frame effects

Use photo frame effects to create a whole new animated file.